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Unique Truck Breaks New Ground

Unique Truck Accessories is on the grow.  We are currently breaking ground on an 11,000 SF building to expand welding and aluminum flatbed operations.  This addition will allow for much needed space in the rest of the facility.  Currently the space for assembly, packaging and shipping is over crowded and hurts efficiencies in these areas.

"The BRUTE aluminum flatbed division is growing fast and changes needed to be made", states Stanley Lake, CEO of UTA.  "We've never stopped growing but our current growth is far exceeding previous expectations", says Greg Chamberlain, President of UTA.

The additional space will be used for welding stations and staging area.  The building will also house a much better wide open space for manufacturing aluminum flatbeds which will be able to be handled with a crane in lieu of physical labor and fork trucks.  It is UTA's belief that this will allow for an increase capacity of up to 75%.  Another advantage is the increased parking space for employees and semi trucks.

The steel was delivered yesterday to erect the structure which will begin soon.  The foundation was completed today so the work is moving along, the completion date is sometime in August of 2015.  Please visit our website often for updates.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015
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