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Who We Are

Unique Truck Accessories-is a well over 25 years + manufacturer of aluminum tool boxes for trucks. We sell our products through a network of Warehouse Distributors throughout North America. Our attention to detail shows in the products we make here. We are proud to be Made In The U.S.A.

What We Do

Unique Truck Accessories starts each product with a need. We take the need and turn it into a concept design. It is our belief to complete our due diligence on a tool box concept before entering the market so our new products are quickly and well received.

Who Do We Service

Our goal at UTA is to produce products that make a contractor’s job easier. We design around that with organizational apparatus like built in drawers with adjustable dividers so each fitting, tool, or fastener has a place.

Our Products

UTA / BRUTE™ is best known for organization for contractors. Our "Contractor" boxes which boast dual level storage and available integrated drawers is our flag ship product. This product has been very popular with vocation specific contractors including, plumbing, electrical, irrigation, and the energy sector. Please visit our products section to learn more.

What's New

Unique Truck Accessories

Our BRUTE BEDSAFE is a heavy duty aluminum roller drawer box that mounts to the bed of pickups, flatbeds, service bodies, and vans. It can house 350 Lbs. in the drawer and hold 500 Lbs. on the top. The BEDSAFE is ½ the weight of steel. HD roller bearings and conveyor rollers provide smooth drawer operation.


Brute Commercial Class

Brute Commercial Class

This is our commercial class ever popular Contractor topsider box.  It features bottom drawers and an upper compartment for additional storage and organization.  The flip up door is designed to make reaching the back of the compartment easy.

Brute HD Commercial Class

Brute HD Commercial Class

Heavy duty .100” minimum thickness aluminum tool boxes.  This category includes underbodies, top siders, back packs, and models including drawers.  In this category you’ll also find our latest offering of BEDSAFE tool boxes.

Aluminum Flatbeds

Unique Truck Accessories, Aluminum Flatbeds

BRUTE extruded or diamond aluminum flatbeds are ½ the weight of steel beds and last much longer.  They built on a 3/16” thick x 3” high I beam sub-frame for a rugged and strong construction.  These beds also feature prewired LED Lighting.

About Us

For over two decades Unique Truck Accessories (UTA) has been manufacturing cargo management equipment for the light and heavy duty truck industry. Making high quality and long lasting products has always been our focus. UTA is always looking to the future and designs the most distinctive organizational apparatus products in the industry.


  • Check this video out to see an installation video of the TB400 bottom drawer series contractor BRUTE toolbox. One… 3 months 6 days ago

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