Toolbox Installation Instructions
  • Position toolbox so it is centered on bed rails. Open Lid to set clearance between box and cab.
  • Mark the under side of the toolbox along the pinch weld
  • Remove toolbox and mark the center of the toolbox 5/16" in from this line. Drill 5/16" hole for "J" bolts.
  • Install rubber strips on truck bed where toolbox will sit.
  • Reposition toolbox on truck bed and attach with "J" bolts.
Toolbox - Lid Adjustment
Due to the "Flex" in truck beds the following adjustment for the toolbox lids are easily made. First of all, after installing the toolbox in the bed of the truck, inspect the opening & closing of the toolbox lid.

All pickup trucks have difference in beds, from side to side, from the factory. This difference will cause the toolbox to bend to the trucks bed. if the "U" bolt does not strike the latch in the proper place, you can adjust it by loosening the nuts on the "U" bolt. {Position the "U" bolt properly & tighten. The "U" bolt may be adjusted inm, out, up or down. (See the slots in welded bracket.)
You should inspect the catch / "U" bolt and latch periodically. It may need adjustment as time goes by.